Camping for 2008 - 2009

Camping Schedule

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Salt Fork 9/12-9/14/08

Torrent Falls, KY (Via Ferrata)10/17-10/19/08

MOECOMDWS Mystery Campout 10/17-10/19/08

Camp Butler Father-Son 11/21-11/23/08

Winter Fest, Camp Manatoc 12/12-12/14/08

MOE Klondike 1/23-1/25/09

Seven Springs/Camp Twin Echo - Snow Tubing! 2/20-2/22/09

Camp Tuscazoar All wood weekend 3/13-2/15/09

Mansfield - High Ropes and the Old Prison 4/24-4/26/09

Kalahari - not really a camp out - its a family day event! 5/16/09

New River - Whitewater! 06/05-06/07/09

Summer Camp at Camp Manatoc 7/05-7/11/09 (Updated 5-2-09)

Philmont 6/21-7/3/09

Salt Fork - boating weekend & awesome campsite 9/19 - 9/21/08

From the Salt Fork Website: The landscape of rural Guernsey County appears as a patchwork of forested hills, open meadows and misty valleys threaded by numerous streams. At the heart of this region is Salt Fork State Park, encompassing the woodlands and fields flanking Salt Fork Reservoir. As Ohio's largest state park, Salt Fork boasts recreational facilities to suit nearly every taste.

We will meet at the church at 6:45 PM with the intent of leaving at 7:00 PM on Friday, 9/12/08.  We will drive south to Salt Fork State Park (about 2 hrs away) and stay in the primitive group campground (which is a great campground).  We will do a troop service project to pay for our camping (and provide the scouts some service time).  We will be tubing on the lake, hiking, participating in some nature events, swimming on the beach, playing shuffleboard at the lodge, and doing all of the cool things we normally do on a campout!

Emergency numbers: Mr. York's cell phone or the campground office: 740-432-1508. Last resort: Park Office in lodge: 740-439-2751.

Click here to see a map of the park.  Click here to see a campground map.  Click here for driving directions from Hudson. Click here for the permission form.

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Torrent Falls, KY (Via Ferrata) 10/17-10/19/08


This will use the school day off to help make this long road trip. Torrent Falls, KY is 6.5 hrs away, but the drive will be worth it. We will leave Friday at 3:00 PM and drive to KY where will will camp near Torrent Falls. Saturday, we will be participating in Via Ferrata, i.e. climbing on iron and plank walkways while safely attached to safety ropes way high in the air ( This will be an exciting weekend of adventure for scouts of all ages!

Because of the expense of the climbing, the cost for this camp out will be $35 per person.  Scouts should bring some spending cash with them as they will undoubtedly want some road food or maybe a small souvenir.

Scouts and dads must have a completed Class 1 medical form on file with the troop to go on this trip.  Click here for a Troop Permission Form.  The facility requires two permission forms, the main form and a minor form. Driving instructions are be posted here.


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MOECOMDWS Mystery Campout 10/17-10/19/08

We need to know who is going on this trip in order to organize leaders and gear!  Not everybody can leave town for 3 long days (see Torrent Falls campout above).  For the scouts that have to stay  behind, here is an alternative this weekend:  While the plans for the campout remain under wraps, your attendance should not be!!  This is a great camp out for small units and Webelos are welcome to camp with a troop. Note that troops will do their own cooking. Venturing Crew 2177 is working on some awesome activities. All I can say is, bring flashlights...

Scouts and dads must have a completed Class 1 medical form on file with the troop to go on this trip.

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Camp Butler Father-Son Campout 11/21-11/23/08

The Annual BSA 777 Father Son camp out returns to Camp Butler to be held in the new dorm (the Atwater Lodge). Traditional events include making T-shirts, Geocaching, Father-Son football and OSU/Michigan college football on the big screens (there are 2 giant TVs in the lodge!). Additional fun events include a bon-fire, hiking and advancement, and the traditional Saturday night feast! Scouts whose fathers can not attend can adopt one of the other old guys, except during the traditional football game where the old guys rule... We will leave from the church at 7 PM.


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Winter Fest, Camp Manatoc 12/12-12/14/08

The troop will head to Camp Manatoc for Adirondack camping. Winter survival will be the theme. If we have enough snow, we will sleep in snow caves one night. We will leave from the church at 7 PM.

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MOE Klondike  1/23-1/25/09

Back to the frozen tundra... the troop will compete in the Moecomdws Klondike this weekend! We will be providing details at the meeting and here on the web site soon...

Like always (or most of the time anyway), we will leave from the church at 7:00 PM.


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Seven Springs/Camp Twin Echo - Snow Tubing! 2/20-2/22/09

Snow tubing Weekend!  We will leave the church at 6:00 PM and head to PA to stay at Camp Twin Echo in Adirondack cabins atop a mountain overlooking a snow-covered valley! We will spend the majority of Saturday snow-tubing at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. Scouts - bring lots of dry, warm clothes! The cost of this campout will be $35 ($15 for the camping and $20 for the tubing). Scouts should bring maybe $20 for spending and road snacks. We will bring the scouts home as early as we can on Sunday, but given the drive time, it will most likely be close to 1 PM before everybody is home.

For over 75 years Camp Twin Echo, located just outside of the town of Ligonier, PA, has offered all of the accommodations of a modern camp, but with the allure and mystique of a camp deeply entrenched in tradition and past. The camp offers several modern and well equipped cabins, pavilion shelters, and Adirondack shelters for scout units, groups, or even family use. A small lake provides an opportunity for some fishing, and the camp has several hiking trails. One of the biggest attractions during the winter months is the nearby ski slopes!


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Camp Tuscazoar All wood weekend   3/13-3/15/09

All wood weekend!  Camp Tuscazoar is one of the oldest camps used for Scouting in Ohio and is a troop favorite. The camp was saved from strip mining by old camp staff members after the decision was made to close the camp down. History and indian lore abound here. We will camp using only wood for fuel for a weekend of good eating! Activities include visiting the Zoarville bridge, seeing the mines, checking out the new portions of camp, getting in some good hiking, and eating mighty fine wood-cooked food! We will also visit the sugar shack to witness maple syrup being made, see the old iron mines, visit a historic restored Fink through-tressle bridge, and climb Pioneer Point and Buzzards Roost. A full and fun weekend, while relaxing around a warm wood fire! We will leave the church at 7:00 PM on Friday.

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Mansfield - High Ropes, Birds, and the Old Prison  4/24-4/26/09


This will be a split weekend with different exciting activities for the older and younger scouts. We were going to camp at camp Avery Hand, but the council that owned it sold the camp! Instead, we will be camping either at the state park or a nearby campground (TBA). The older scouts will be visiting the Pleasentville Outdoor Center, where they will participate in an exciting high ropes tree top maze course! Nearby old Camp Avery Hand is the home to the Ohio Bird Sanctuary and a raptor rescue group. the younger scouts will be spending the morning learning and experiencing the raptors of Ojhio! Nearby, the old Mansfield Prison, site of where The Shawshank Redemption was filmed and ghosts have been seen, and heard, calls to the troop. We will participate in public service helping to clean up after some restoration work and then we will tour the prison... Some say the prison is haunted, but one thing is for sure, it IS scary and IS fun to tour! We will finish the day with a camp fire and good stories shared by all.

We will leave the church at 7:00 PM.

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Kalahari - not really a camp out - its a family day event! 5/16/09

This will be the Troop 777 Family event. We will meet at the church for donuts, bagels, fruit, juice and coffee Saturday morning at 7:30 AM. We will leave the church at 8:00 AM and head to Kalahari, the largest indoor water park in Ohio. We will get a group rate and a huge discount and splash the day away (our group rate is $25/ person which includes all-day water fun, and pizza and pop for lunch). We will explore group/family rates on rooms/camping as the Scout year progresses.

The troop Kalahari flyer is available here.
You can print a map from Hudson to Kalahari here.
You can print out an interior park map here.

DIRECTIONS: Take the Turnpike West and exit the Turnpike at exit 118 Rt. 250 Sandusky. Take Rt. 250 West (north) towards Sandusky approximately 2 1/2 miles and Kalahari will be on the right.

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New River - Whitewater!   06/05-06/07/09

777 will leave the church at 6:00 PM to head to WV and the New River. The younger scouts (uder 12 and weighing less than 90 pounds) will raft the upper New River braving the rapids (Class 1-3) in duckies and having fun with every splash and water attack. The older scouts (12 and over, brave, and weighing more than 90 pounds) will head to the lower New River where Class 1-5 rapids and pushing the excitement meter into the red zone will be their day. We will eat lunch on the river (provided by the outfitter). This campout is traditionally attended by a large percentage of dads who seem to need a wet way to greet the summer! Because of the large attendance, we will be looking for a few family tents to accompany the troop for this weekend!

Click on the small picture below to see a bigger version!


Driving directions are here.
Release form (need one from every participant) is here.
Rafting gear list is here
Normal spring/fall camping gear list is here

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Summer Camp at Camp Manatoc   7/05-7/11/09

1st year emphasis (T-2-1), tons of merit badges, lots of activities - what a great week! Summer camp fees will be $205 this year ($200 for camp and $5 for troop picture) and fees will be due by the troop meeting of May 19, 2009. Scouts who bring checks in after May 19, 2009 will be charged the late fee of $25.00 (total summer camp fee would then be $230). This year's summer camp schedule and program is totally reworked as the camp leadership team has changed. We anticipate that this will be a very welcome and significant improvement over past year's camps!

NOTE: All that attend Summer Camp this year need to have a NEW MEDICAL FORM COMPLETED!


There are several forms and items that go along with summer camp. Please find all of the forms, schedules, links,... that you will need for summer camp:

Click here to read the parent letter
Click here to get the Summer Camp Gear List
Here is a map of camp
This is the parent camper release form
Click here to view the merit badges offered this year
Here is a short description of the T-2-1 program for first year scouts!
Click here to view the brochure from camp about camp!
Click here to view the instructional schedule we will be following, and click here to see the weekly master schedule!
If you are interested in viewing the entire program guide, it is here. Likewise, the entire leaders guide is here.

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Philmont  6/21-7/3/09

Troop 777 High Adventure trip for 2009 is to Philmont - Scouting Paradise!

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