• Camping for 2009 - 2010

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    Camping Schedule

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    Camp Manatoc Father-Son Campout 9/11-9/13/09
    Camp Perry, Tony Pacos & Cedar's Point 10/23-10/25/09
    Gettysburg Historic Trails 3-day weekend 11/13-11/15/09
    Winter Fest, Camp Manatoc 12/11-12/13/09
    MOE Klondike Camp Butler - 1/15-1/17/10
    Kalahari - 1/23/10
    Wright-Patterson Airforce Base - 2/19-2/21/10
    All Wood Weekend at Hocking Hills - 3/19-3/21/10
    Laurel Caverns Caving - 4/16-4/18/10
    Council Jamborall! 05/21-05/23/10
    Summer Camp at Camp Manatoc - 7/04 - 7/10/10 (updated 5-28-10)
    High Adventure for 2010! (National Jamboree and Boundary Waters)


    Camp Manatoc Concord Lodge - Father-Son Campout 9/11 - 9/13/09

    We will meet at the church at 6:45 PM with the intent of leaving at 7:00 PM on Friday, 9/11/08.  We will drive as a caravan to beautiful Camp Manatoc along the Cuyahoga River and find the very rustic Concord Lodge. Scouts and dads will have bunks (and probably a few tents) to decamp and prepare for a fun weekend. Events will include pioneering, scout skills, a pig roast, father-son football, big screen football, a huge bonfire, scout-adult pictionary, and fun for all!

    Check the gear list for fall camping gear!
    Here is the promo flyer for the weekend!

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    Camp Perry, Cabella's, Tony Paco's, and Cedar Point - 10/23-10/25/09

    This weekend will be a huge fun weekend as we travel from the church and camp at histroic Camp Perry near Port Clinton,Ohio. We will travel to Cabella's in Dundee Michigan Saturday morning to see tons of outdoor gear, learn about hunting and fishing, see the game fish and wildlife displays and so much more (we watched the world chainsaw carving competition here one year!)! We will then head south to Toldeo to eat lunch in historic Tony Paco's and then drive to Cedar Point for Hallow-weekend! We will ride the rides and brave the Halloween monsters until late night when we return to Camp Perry. Everybody will be tired and have great memories as we head home Sunday morning.


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    Gettysburg Historic Trails 3-day Weekend Campout 11/13-11/15/09

    We need to know who is going on this trip early in order to organize leaders and gear!  We will leave the church very early Friday morning (school is closeed today so it is a 3-day weekend for the scouts). Not everybody can leave town for 3 long days we know, but for those that do, the rewards will be great. We will walk the trails of soldiers past as see the great battlefields of Gettrsburg. Scouts who attend this camp out will be eligible to get the very cool Histroric Trails Medal pictured below. Scouts entering the 6th grade will get a leg-up on the 6th grade project which deals with this time period in our nation's history.

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    777 Winter Fest at Camp Manatoc 12/11-12/13/09

    The troop will head to Camp Manatoc for Adirondack camping. Winter survival will be the theme. If we have enough snow, we will sleep in snow caves one night. We will leave from the church at 7 PM. We plan to geocache all over the local parklands on Saturday and enjoy a very fun weekend. This weekend will provide one of the two weekends required to earn the prestigious Polar Bear patch! This was an excelent camp out last year so don't miss it!

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    MOE Klondike Camp Butler - 1/15-1/17/10

    More chilly winter camping at Camp Butler - the troop will compete in the Moecomdws Klondike themed Escape from Butler this weekend! We will be providing details at the meeting and here on the web site soon... This weekend will provide one of the two weekends required to earn the prestigious Polar Bear patch! Webelo scouts are welcome to come and spend the day with us and participate in this exciting scouting event (BSA rules limit them from spending the nights until they become boy scouts).

    Like always (or most of the time anyway), we will leave from the church at 7:00 PM.

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    Kalahari - not really a camp out - its a family day event! 1/23/10

    This will be the Troop 777 Family event. We will meet at the church for donuts, bagels, fruit, juice and coffee Saturday morning at 8:45 AM. We will leave the church at 9:00 AM and head to Kalahari, the largest indoor water park in Ohio. We get a group rate and a huge discount and splash the day away ($25/ person and if we can find 10 families that want to overnight, we can get discount rates on overnight stays as well) - this rate includes all-day water fun, and pizza and pop for lunch.

    The 2010 troop Kalahari flyer is available here
    You can print a map from Hudson to Kalahari here.
    You can print out an interior park map here.

    QUICK DIRECTIONS: Take the Turnpike West and exit the Turnpike at exit 118 Rt. 250 Sandusky. Take Rt. 250 West (north) towards Sandusky approximately 2 1/2 miles and Kalahari will be on the right.

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    Wright-Patterson Airforce Base - 2/19-2/21/10

    Airplanes, aircraft, air history, air Force! What a great weekend! We will tent camp near Wright-Patterson Airforce Base at a Miami Valley Council Camp, Cricket Holler in rustic 3-sided cabins! We will visit the oh-so-cool Air Force Museum and see aircraft from the past and the future. This weekend is also family weekend at the museum and there will be lots of activities and fun to participate in! We will also go through the presidential planes stored there and see a movie about the space station on the giant I-Max movie screen. This weekend will the last chance to earn a weekend to qualify for the prestigious Polar Bear patch!  

    Click here for a map of Cricket Holler
    Click here for the permission slip
    Click here for driving directions for the weekend (and the schedule)

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    All Wood Weekend at Hocking Hills - 3/19-3/21/10

    All wood weekend!  A full and fun weekend, while relaxing around a warm wood fire! We will leave the church at 7:00 PM on Friday and head to the Pack 3322 crossover. After the crossover, we will head to the Hocking Hills region to find our campsite. We will be camping in tents this weekend at a new place called Cave Man Camping Resort where we will be the first to camp this year! There is lots of downed wood and we are asked to burn it all!! With all of our newest scouts and our experienced scouts, we will have time for hiking and working on scout skills. We will visit Old Man's Cave and the gorge. The weather should be nice through Saturday, with rain rolling in Sat night or Sun morning... Please for the proper camping gear!

    Click here for driving directions.

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    Laurel Caverns Caving - 4/16-4/18/10

    This will be a split weekend with different exciting activities for the older and younger scouts. The cost of the camp out is $25 per person. We will head to PA and camp at Laurel Caverns park. We will explore and work on scout skills Saturday morning, After lunch, on Saturday, the oldest scouts would head deep underground to explore the bottom of the cave (guided tour). The younger scouts would also head into the cave for a less deep crawl (but still lots of places to get dirty and be underground in the cave) and the younger scouts will get Geology Merit Badge.We will finish the day with a camp fire, snacks, and good stories shared by all!

    We will leave the church at 6:30 PM - do not be late!

    Scouts aged 9-11 must have this form completed and signed by a parent.
    Scouts and adults aged 12 and over must have this form completed (and if you are a scout, signed by a parent as well)
    Get Driving directions by clicking here.

    This is the troop permission form (needed signed too).

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    Council Jamborall!   05/21-05/23/10

    100 years of Boy Scouts of America! The celebration is at Camp Manatoc for a Camporall - this event, in the year of the National Jamboree will be called a Jamborall and it will be huge - displays,merit badges, shows, scout skills, fire works IN CAMP - don't miss this once ever event!

    The Great Trail Council has a cool website showing alot of this event - click me to check it out.

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    Summer Camp at Camp Manatoc - 7/04 - 7/10/10

    1st year emphasis (T-2-1), tons of merit badges, lots of activities - what a great week! Summer camp fees will be $215 this year ($210 for camp and $5 for troop picture) and fees will be due by the troop meeting of May 12, 2010. Scouts who bring checks in after May 18, 2010 will be charged the late fee of $25.00 (total summer camp fee would then be $240). This year's summer camp schedule and program is improved yet more this year. We anticipate that this will be a great week at camp!



    There are several forms and items that go along with summer camp. Please find all of the forms, schedules, links,... that you will need for summer camp. Here are some of the forms:

    Click here to read the 2010 parent letter
    Click here to get the Summer Camp Gear List
    Here is a map of camp
    This is the parent camper release form (new form)
    Here is the instructional schedule (2010 version)
    And click me to get the master schedule (2010 version)
    Summer camp has lots of merit badges - here is the list offered for 2010 (2010 version)
    This is a listing of the T-2-1 program for all first year scouts (2010 version)
    There are several other special programs available at camp too! (2010 version)

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    2010 High Adventure

    Check out the current high adventure tab under the camping menu for the most details for high adventure!

    Troop 777 High Adventure this year consists of the 2010 Great Trail Council contingent trip to the National Jamboree. Several scouts from troop 777 will be in attendance for the 100 year aniversery of the BSA at this historic Jamboree!

    The troop will also be sending crews to Boundary Waters this summer June 19 - 27, 2010.Click here to get the 2010 Boundary Waters flyer and signup form.

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