• Camping for 2010 - 2011

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    Camping Schedule

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    Sept 17-19, 2010 - Salt Fork
    October 22-24 - Father-Son at Camp Beaumont
    Nov 12-14: Via Ferrante
    Dec 10-12: Manatoc Orienteering
    Jan 21-23: Klondike
    Feb 11-13: Seven Springs and Twin Echo
    Mar 11-13: Seven Ranges - Adirondacks cabins!
    April 15-17: Camp Firelands
    May 13-15: White Water Rafting
    June 20-27: Seabase
    July 3-9: Summer Camp - Camp Manatoc
    July 17 - Maine High Adventure (not yet posted here)

    Sept 17-19, 2010: Salt Fork

    All wood weekend, Iron Chef Dinner competition, tubing behind speed boats, night hike, first camp out of the season - what more could you ask for??? We will leave the church at 7 PM. We will be camping in the primative area near the lake in a great location for an all-wood weekend. We will tube on Saturday as well as do some hiking and requirements for advancement and the 100 year award ribbons. A service project will be performed for the park as well! Don't miss this fun filled weekend!

    Directions to the primative camp area (and the park in general) can be found here.

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    Father-Son Campout, Camp Beaumont

    Beaumont is the summer camp home for the Greater Cleveland Council. Our weekend will be filled with fun as we enjoy hiking, deep fried turkeys, huge F/S capture the flag, nightime charades, bonfire, and of course, the annual Fasther-Son football game (the dads continue to lead the series...).

    We hope to leave the church at 7 PM. DON'T MISS THIS ONE, even if you have to come late!

    You can get driving directions here and a camp map here.

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    Nov 12-14: Via Ferrante at Torrent Falls


    This will use the school day off to help make this long road trip. Torrent Falls, KY is 6.5 hrs away, but the drive will be worth it. We will leave early Friday and drive to KY where will will camp near Torrent Falls at the local state park (they have a natural bridge and excelent hiking!). Friday afternoon, we will be participating in Via Ferrata, i.e. climbing on iron and plank walkways while safely attached to safety ropes way high in the air (http://www.torrentfalls.com/climbing_adventure_crimson_002.htm). Saturday will find us hiking, and maybe visiting the local reptile museum to observe poisonous snake "milking". This will be an exciting weekend of adventure for scouts and dads of all ages!

    Because of the expense of the climbing, the cost for this camp out will be $45 per person.  Scouts should bring some spending cash with them as they will undoubtedly want some road food or maybe a small souvenir.

    Scouts and dads must have a completed and up-to-date medical form on file with the troop to go on this trip. Click here for a Troop Permission Form.  The facility requires two permission forms, the main form and a minor form. Driving instructions are posted here. There is a great section on the companies website for FAQ here.

    Dec 10-12: Manatoc Orienteering

    This is our annual kick back and enjoy the winter camp out. Mr.Tishma and Mr. York will spend a few days prior to our camping placing (really hiding) geo-cache points in the camp and in the National Park for our Saturday geo-cache. There will be two courses, one for older scouts and one for the younger scouts. Both course will be challenging and will feature rarely seen vistas, cmap history, and lunch on the trail. We will camp in 3-sided cabins and enjoy some down time hanging by the fire and enjoying lots of hot cocoa! Lots of fun and this is one of the weekends for the polar bear patch so don't miss it!! We will leave the church at 7 PM.

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    Jan 21-23, 2011: Tri-Fires Klondike

    The MOE Klondike is scheduled on a weekend that conflicts with our tubing trip in February, so the troop will be participating in the Tri-Fires Klondike at Camp Butler this year. This will be a fun opportunity to see how other districts hold Klondike and will allow us to expand our boundaries. Come push old-man winter deep into a snow drift and sleep in tents. This is one of the weekends for the polar bear patch so don't miss it! We will leave the church at Friday at 7 PM.

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    Feb 11-13: Seven Springs and Twin Echo

    This is the last weekend that qualifies for the polar bear patch! The troop will return to Camp win Echo located in the mountains of PA! Snow tubing Weekend!  We will leave the church at 6:30 PM and head to PA to stay at Camp Twin Echo in Adirondack cabins atop a mountain overlooking a snow-covered valley! We will spend the majority of Saturday snow-tubing at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. Scouts - bring lots of dry, warm clothes! The cost of this camp out will be $35. Scouts should bring maybe $20 for spending and road snacks. We will bring the scouts home as early as we can on Sunday, but given the drive time, it will most likely be a little after 1 PM before everybody is home.

    Here are the driving directions
    You can get the parental permission form for Seven Springs here
    Click here for the 777 camping permission form

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    Mar 11-13: Seven Ranges Adirondacks Cabins on Turkey Ridge

    Typical Cabin

    Hopefully the snow will finally be abating this weekend... This will be an all-wood weekend and we will leave the church at 7:00 PM and head to Seven Ranges, the sumer camp home for the Buckeye Council. There we will climb Turkey Ridge and stay in the Adirondacks cabins located on the top of the ridge. Seven ranges has an occasional bear, nice hiking, and other camp activities as we have an all-wood weekend.

    Click here for driving directions

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    April 15-17: Camp Firelands




    This will be a split weekend with different exciting activities for the older and younger scouts. We will try to camp at camp Firelands so our older scouts and braver dad-units can do high ropes COPE! The younger scouts will be spending their day canoing the Mohician River and exploring Firelands.

    We will leave the church at 7:00 PM.

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    May 13-15: White Water Rafting

    Last time, we had lots of rain and big water! You can check out pictures and the video from our last trip here. 777 will leave the church at 6:30 PM to head to WV and the New River. the younger scouts will raft the upper New River braving the rapids (Class 1-3) in duckies and having fun with every splash and water attack. The older scouts will head to the lower New River where Class 1-5 rapids and pushing the excitement meter into the red zone will be thier day. We will eat lunch on the river. This is an excellent trip and is traditionally attended by a lage percentage of dads who seem to need a wet way to greet the summer!

    Directions and Maps
    Click here for Heritage Camp Map (We are staying at Ft. Huntington in Valley Forge)
    Click here for major road directions to camp
    Click here for detailed driving instructions

    Click here for troop permission form
    The waiver form for the Middle Yough (under 13 years old) is here.
    The waiver form for the Lower Yough (13 and over) is here.
    Click here for rafting specific gear list

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    June 20-27: Seabase

    Troop 777 announces the 2011 Summer High Adventure Trip to Sea Base! (The trip is currently full) We have secured two crews Coral Reef Sailing. Your trip will be on a 40- to 50-foot sailing yacht which will become your home for a week. It has a large self-contained galley and dining area where you will prepare meals from the fresh or canned foods supplied by Sea Base, supplemented by fresh catches from trolling while sailing. Our captain will provide instruction in navigation, fishing and sailing, and will remain on board for the entire trip. Our crew will be able to select our own float plan to explore the beautiful Florida Keys and see areas that are not readily available to the landlubber and offers one-of-a-kind snorkeling and abundant fishing.

    The budgeted cost of this trip is $1500 and includes all airfare, touring, all meals, a custom embroidered fishing shirt and sun boney hat! Our crew size is limited to a maximum of 16 members and participants will be assigned, first come (with deposit), first served! Registration deadline with $150 deposit is due July 10, 2010.

    This trip is open to all scouts who are at least 14 by January 1, 2011 or must have completed the 8th grade by June of 2011 to be eligible to go. The trip will run from June 20 – June 27. We have the option of extending the trip and doing additional touring based upon the interests and financial means of the group.

    Fee Schedule
    Deposit with application: $150
    Payment 1 ($500), due Aug. 17, 2010
    Payment 2 ($500), due Oct. 26, 2010
    Payment 3 ($350), due Jan. 25, 2011

    Tentative Itinerary
    June 20: Fly to Miami and camp overnight at
    Camp Sawyer on Scout Key and visit Key West
    June 21: Arrive and Depart from Sea Base
    June 27: Return to Sea Base and Fly Home
    Have great memories forever!

    Travel dates may be adjusted based upon available travel. Refunds for non-participation will only be made after a paid replacement is located.

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    July 3-9: Summer Camp - Camp Manatoc

    We will again be camping week three at Camp Manatoc at the Daniel Boone/Kit Carson cabins. Camp Manatoc is one of the top summer camps in the country and it is in our backyard. parents, plan to join us Wed night for potluck supper. Come early to see the camp at retreat and have your son(s) show you the camp and what they have been doing for the week! The fee for sumer camp this week will be $225 and is due no later than May 17, 2011. This is an early bird fee - please note - if you decide that you do not want to go to camp after depositing the fee, and if we can not replace you, you will lose 1/2 of your fee (this is not a troop rule, it is a camp rule as they purchase food and supplies in advance). If you do not register early, you can still go, but the fees go up as camp gets closer...


    1. ALL Scouts MUST have a current physical signed within the past 12 months by a doctor to attend camp!!!
    2. Scouts who have medications listed on their health form must bring every medication listed in the original packaging

    Important Links for this year's summer camp:
    NEW HEALTH FORM for 2011!
    NEW Directions to camp
    2011 Parents letter
    2011 Cabin sign-up form
    2011 Program guide
    2011 Leaders Guide
    2011 Merit badge offerings
    2011 Master schedule
    2011 Instructional Schedule
    2011 Parent Release form

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    Maine Trip Info to be placed here soon...

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