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    Our Camping Schedule!

    Scroll down to find the event your are interested in, or click on the link below to jump straight to it. Descriptions, maps, forms and associated materials are with each event.

    September 21-23: Father-Son at Camp Manatoc
    October 6-8: Haunted Hay ride Setup Service Camp out
    October 19-21: Rock Climbing - ColumbusCamp out
    November 16-18: Hocking Hills Camp out
    December 14-16: Split Weekend at Camp Manatoc
    January 25-27: Klondike at Camp Butler
    February 22-24: Seven Springs and Twin Echo
    Mar 15-17: Climbing at Torrent Falls, KY
    April 26-28: All wood weekend at Tuscazoar
    May 17-19: White Water Rafting
    June 30-July6: Summer Camp - Camp Manatoc

    2013 National Jamboree
    Isle Royal National Park

    You can also look at the entire troop calendar by clicking here.

    Sept 21-23, 2012: Father-Son, Camp Manatoc Concord Cabin

    This weekend will be the first camp out of the 2012 - 2013 scout year ad it will be a big one! We will have the traditional father-son football game, fun events in the Concord cabin, roast a whole pig over an open fire, host Webelos that want to know more about 777, work on the section of the Yellow Trail that the troop maintains, have nature hikes, maybe monkey fists, huge bon-fire, ghost stories and more! Webelos that attend will be able to complete much of their arrow of light requirements with regards to Boy Scouting and we will also do many of the items for the Outdoorsman skill award!

    We know that this weekend is Homecoming so we will be mising some of our polder scouts Saturday night to the dance - this was the only weekend that we could get the cabins and match up our other resources. We are sorry that we have this conflict and will work to see that everybody has as much scouting as they can do!

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    Oct. 6 - 8, 2012: Haunted Hay ride Setup Service Camp Out

    This weekend will be a voluntary camp out weekend where the troop will give service to camp to help set up for the haunted hay ride! We will camp at Camp Butler (probably) and help the staff set up lights, scare zones, and whatever else we can do to help prepare for the month of October and the scary fun that happens when the sun goes down! We may leave camp on Saturday night depending on what they have for us to do - check back later for more details!

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    Oct. 19 - 21, 2012: Rock Climbing - Columbus Camp Out

    Due to a scheduling misunderstanding (Mr. York thought a weekend day was only Saturday, and the rock company in Kentucky considers Friday and Sunday climbing days too...), the troop is going to do the indoor climbing tour in Columbus, OH. We will leave Friday night at 7 PM and head south to Columbus OH to camp in one of the SImon Kenton Council camps outside of Columbus. Saturday, we will be climbing at the Vertical Adventures indoor rock gym in Columbus, OH where we will get personalized training for top-rope belaying and then we can climb for as long as we want for the rest of the day!

    After climbing, we will return to camp for advancement, some down time, and perhaps some exploration. Iron Chef will be the theme for dinner! We will return home early on Sunday.

    We will look for a different dat in the Spring to head back down to Kentucky and Via Feratta...

    Waiver form can be found here.
    Camp map is here.
    Driving directions can be found here (sort list/maps) and here (large directions/limited map).
    Troop permission form is not needed, however, if you have not yet turned in a medical form, please complete parts A, B & C by clicking here. (You do not need to have it completed by a doctor for this trip).
    Check out Haunted Prison.
    Check out Vertical Adventures.

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    Nov 16-18, 2012: Hocking Hills Camp Out

    Survival weekend?  It has been a long time since 777 was at Hocking Hills, visiting the Old Man's cave, hearing the dogs howl at night and climbing the trails high above the rugged gorge! This weekend, we will allow the scouts that wish for extra challenge to build shelters and sleep in them! The rest of the troop will camp in tents. We will be camping in a camp called Hocking Peaks Adventure Park (this is the site of the zip lines which we will check out this year to maybe return to next!!)! We will visit Old Man's Cave and the gorge. The weather is always interesting this time of year so please bring the proper camping gear!

    Click here for driving directions.

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    Dec 14-16, 2012: Split Weekend at Camp Manatoc

    This weekend will have activities for older and younger scouts! This weekend will have the older scouts backpacking into camp Manatoc along the Buckeye Trail, and overnight in the woods along the way Fri, arriving in camp late Saturday afternoon. The younger scouts will get to go geocaching, and work on advancement requirements while enjoying a campsite without the older scouts. Both groups will enjoy a wood cooked dinner and campfire Saturday night while sharing on their day's adventures.

    Lots of fun and this is one of the weekends for the polar bear patch so don't miss it!! We will leave the church at 7 PM.

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    Jan 25-27, 2013: Klondike at Camp Butler

    Back to the frozen tundra... the troop will compete in the Overcomes Klondike this weekend! We will be providing details at the meeting and here on the web site soon...

    Like always (or most of the time anyway), we will leave from the church at 7:00 PM.

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    Feb. 22-24, 2013: Seven Springs tubing and Camp Twin Echo

    This is the last weekend that qualifies for the polar bear patch! The troop will return to Camp win Echo located in the mountains of PA! Snow tubing Weekend!  We will leave the church at 6:30 PM and head to PA to stay at Camp Twin Echo in Adirondack cabins atop a mountain overlooking a snow-covered valley! We will spend the majority of Saturday snow-tubing at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. Scouts - bring lots of dry, warm clothes! The cost of this camp out will be $45. Scouts should bring maybe $20 for spending and road snacks. We will bring the scouts home as early as we can on Sunday, but given the drive time, it will most likely be a little after 1 PM before everybody is home.

    Here are the driving directions
    You can get the parental permission form for Seven Springs here
    Click here for the 777 camping permission form

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    Mar 15 - 17, 2013: Climbing at Torrent Falls, KY!


    This will use the school day off to help make this long road trip. Torrent Falls, KY is 6.5 hrs away, but the drive will be worth it. We will leave early Friday and drive to KY where will will camp near Torrent Falls at the local state park (they have a natural bridge and excelent hiking!). Friday afternoon, we will be participating in Via Ferrata, i.e. climbing on iron and plank walkways while safely attached to safety ropes way high in the air (http://www.torrentfalls.com/climbing_adventure_crimson_002.htm). Saturday will find us hiking, and maybe visiting the local reptile museum to observe poisonous snake "milking". This will be an exciting weekend of adventure for scouts and dads of all ages!

    Because of the expense of the climbing, the cost for this camp out will be $45 per person.  Scouts should bring some spending cash with them as they will undoubtedly want some road food or maybe a small souvenir.

    Scouts and dads must have a completed and up-to-date medical form on file with the troop to go on this trip.

    April 26-28, 2013: Camp Tuscazoar All Wood Weekend

    All wood weekend!  Camp Tuscazoar is one of the oldest camps used for Scouting in Ohio and is a troop favorite.The camp was saved from strip mining by old camp staff members after the decision was made to close the camp down. History and indian lore abound here. We will camp using only wood for fuel for a weekend of good eating! Activities include visiting the Zoarville bridge, seeing the mines, checking out the new portions of camp, getting in some good hiking, and eating mighty fine wood-cooked food! We will also visit the sugar shack to witness maple syrup being made, see the old iron mines, visit a historic restored Fink through-tressle bridge, and climb Pioneer Point and Buzzards Roost. A full and fun weekend, while relaxing around a warm wood fire! We will leave the church at 7:00 PM on Friday.

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    May 17-18, 2013: White Water Rafting

    Troop 777 will leave the church at 6:30 PM to head to PA and the Youghiogheny River. We will be staying at Tall Oaks Camp Ground. The younger scouts will raft the Middle Yough River braving the rapids (Class 1-3) in duckies and having fun with every splash and water attack. The older scouts will head to the lower Yough River where Class 1-5 rapids and pushing the excitement meter into the red zone will be their day. We will eat lunch on the river. This is an excellent trip and is traditionally attended by a large percentage of dads who seem to need a wet way to greet the summer!

    Directions, links, info and maps (updated for 2013 trip!)

    Driving directions
    Suggested gear list
    Scout permission/waiver form
    Adult scout permission/waiver form
    Middle Yough River Map (younger scouts)
    Lower Yough River Map (older scouts)


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    June 10-29, 2013: High Adventure - Isle Royal

    For 2013, the second high adventure trip in 2013 for troop 777 will be to the wilderness island of Isle Royal! Isle Royal is the fifth least visited national park in the US because it is very remote. Home to Wolves and moose, but no permanent humans, this trip will actually be two trips in one. We will have a backpacking crew and a canoeing crew, both of which will travel to and back from the island together, but who will then have different experiences whilst on the island. The canoe crew will paddle across the island, portaging between lakes, fishing, and experiencing wilderness on the largest lakes with the largest islands on the largest natural freshwater lake in the world! The backpacker crew will cross the island hiking campsite to campsite staying in pristine and beautiful settings while seeing much of the island's history.

    Although we are listing two weeks for the trip, this is to help participants plan for the most likely time window as the actual dates depend on back country permits, the ferry schedule, and the actual trip desires of the participants. The trip will most likely be about 10 days long. Check back soon for the flyer!

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    June 30 - July 6, 2013: Summer Camp - Camp Manatoc

    We will again be camping week three at Camp Manatoc at the Daniel Boone/Kit Carson cabins. Camp Manatoc is one of the top summer camps in the country and it is in our backyard. parents, plan to join us Wed night for potluck supper. Come early to see the camp at retreat and have your son(s) show you the camp and what they have been doing for the week! The fee for summer camp this week will be $255 and is due no later than May 15, 2013. This is an early bird fee - please note - if you decide that you do not want to go to camp after depositing the fee, and if we can not replace you, you will lose 1/2 of your fee (this is not a troop rule, it is a camp rule as they purchase food and supplies in advance). If you do not register early, you can still go, but the fees go up as camp gets closer...


    1. ALL Scouts MUST have a current physical signed within the past 12 months by a doctor to attend camp!!!
    2. Scouts who have medications listed on their health form must bring every medication listed in the original packaging

    Important Links from last year's summer camp:
    Directions to camp

    2013 Parents letter
    2013 Currently Scheduled dads (updated 6-26-13)
    2013 Cabin sign-up form
    2013 Program guide
    2013 Leaders Guide
    2013 Merit badge offerings
    2013 Master schedule
    2013 Instructional Schedule
    2013 Parent Release form

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    2013 National Jamboree July 12 - July 24, 2013

    The sign up for this trip is over and the trip planning is well under way! Check out the national web site for video, activities, and how you can visit this summer and be first to the Summit! Click here for the 2013 National Jamboree web site!

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