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    Our Camping and Outdoor Schedule!

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    Philmont Scout Ranch trip will be the first high adventure offering for 2018. Signups are now and haste is suggested! Find the form here for a trip of a lifetime!


    Sept 22-24, 2017: MOE and Chippewa Joint Camporee!

    Confirmed weekend: This will be a joint weekend with our district (MOE) and GTC Chippewa District and the Northeast Ohio Orienteering Club (NEOOC). Guessing by the groups involved, orienteering will be the weekend theme with super fun activities and events... We will be camping at Camp Manatoc. We will leave the church at 7 PM sharp so please plan to arrive at 6:40 PM Friday night. Don't miss this fun filled weekend!

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    Oct 27-29, 2017: Cedar Point Hallow Weekend!

    This weekend will be a huge fun weekend as we travel from the church and camp at histroic Camp Perry near Port Clinton,Ohio. We will travel to Cabella's in Dundee Michigan Saturday morning to see tons of outdoor gear, learn about hunting and fishing, see the game fish and wildlife displays and so much more (we watched the world chainsaw carving competition here one year!)! We will then head south to Toldeo to eat lunch in historic Tony Paco's and then drive to Cedar Point for Hallow-weekend! We will ride the rides and brave the Halloween monsters until late night when we return to Camp Perry. Everybody will be tired and have great memories as we head home Sunday morning. The cost for this weekend will be $60 to cover park entrance, camping and food. Scouts should bring maybe an additional $20 for spending and road snacks.

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    Nov 10-12, 2017: Father-Son Camp Out!

    Confirmed weekend: Don't miss this weekend!! This weekend will have activities for all ages and lots of fun! We will also have tshirts made for all participants comenerating the weekend! We have both sides of the Forester lodge which gives us great sleeping, great football, and great aces to the camp. If the weather is good, we will try to get the climbing wall. If the weather is snow, we will sled at Kendal Hills, if it is in-between, we can geocache and other activities! We will work on advancement and a huge campfire on Saturday night while sharing on the day's adventures.

    We are PUMPKIN CHUNKIN' this weekend - bring those pumpkins from home that you have left over from Halloween for some serious tossin' !!!!!



    Lots of fun so don't miss it!! We will leave the church Friday at 7 PM.

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    Dec 08-10, 2017: Winter Fest Weekend at Camp Manatoc!

    Confirmed weekend: Winter fest! Camp Manatoc is the Great Trail Council home camp and has some cool Adirondack cabins that will house part of the troop. We will camp in the three-sided cabins and do the activities that Camp Manatoc has to offer. We usually do age-seperated Geocaching, cold weather camping, and lay back a bit and enjoy! The older scouts will be sent on a geocache they will never forget! The younger scouts will also go geocaching, and work on advancement requirements while enjoying a campsite without the older scouts.

    Everybody will enjoy a wood cooked dinner and campfire Saturday night while sharing with each other on their day's adventures. Lots of fun and this is one of the weekends for the polar bear patch so don't miss it!! We will leave the church at 7 PM.

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    Jan 26-28, 2018: Klondike at Camp Butler

    Confirmed weekend: Back to the frozen tundra... Last year, 777 won tons of events at Klondike and we will look to repeat as we compete in the Klondike this weekend! We will be providing details at the meeting and here on the web site as soon as we get them!

    This is one of the weekends for the polar bear patch! Like always (or most of the time anyway), we will leave from the church at 7:00 PM.

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    Feb 9-11, 2018: Camp Miaconda/Cabelas weekend

    Confirmed weekend: We will go to Camp Miaconda and stay in the fort with each patrol occupying a corner turret (patrol defense by snowball or maybe water baloon will be an evening activity). Camp Miaconda is the oldest scout camp in Ohio and one of the oldest in the US. It has a great scout museum that we will tour. We will hike, explore the camp, and day trip to Cabala’s in Dundee, Michigan. Dinner will be at the historic Ton'y Packos in Toledo. We will return home on Sunday. We will leave the church Friday night at 7 PM. Scouts should bring maybe an additional $20 for spending and road snacks. We will bring the scouts home on Sunday with the intent of being back around noon.

    Click here for driving directions
    Click here for winter camp gear list

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    Mar 16-18, 2018: All Wood Weekend at Tuscazoar


    Confirmed weekend: All wood weekend!  Camp Tuscazoar is one of the oldest camps used for Scouting in Ohio and is a troop favorite. The camp was saved from strip mining by old camp staff members after the decision was made to close the camp down. History and indian lore abound here. We will camp using only wood for fuel for a weekend of good eating! Activities include visiting the Zoarville bridge, seeing the mines, checking out the new portions of camp, getting in some good hiking, and eating mighty fine wood-cooked food! We will also visit the sugar shack to witness maple syrup being made, see the old iron mines, visit a historic restored Fink through-tressle bridge, and climb Pioneer Point and Buzzards Roost. We will have a cabin in case the weather is stupendeously horrible, but otherwise, we will be in tents! A full and fun weekend, while relaxing around a warm wood fire! We will leave the church at 7:00 PM on Friday.

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    April 26-29, 2018: West Point Camporee

    Tentative dates until the real dates are posted: West Point, the home for the US Army Acadamy. Troop 777 has had two graduates from West Point (Eagle Scout David Rylander) and Eagle Scout Will Scott, and currently 777 has one cadet attending West Point (Eagle Scout Stephen Rylander). The 2013 West Point Camporee was named in honor of David and Troop 777 was a guest of honor at the camporee. The scouts had a great time and the event left a mark on all who attended. We will return to the West Point Camporee in April, 2018.

    The plan will be to leave Hudson the Thursday evening prior to the camporee and drive into New York where we will camp for the night. We will head to West Point early on Friday with the plan to arrive, tour West Point, then hike into the camporee over Bull Run. We will participate in a very, very full weekend, culminating in the final closing Sunday near noon. We will promptly depart and drive back to Hudson arriving after dinner sometime.

    Scouts will most likely miss a Friday at school, and will be encouraged to bring thier homework and supporting devices for the long car rides to help minimize the lost academic time. The budgeted cost of this campout is $125 per person, which includes food, gas, lodging, the camporee... Any extra cash will be returned to the participants (of course...)

    Directions, links, info and maps

    Will be updated as we have information....


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    May 18-20, 2018 - Laurel Caverns Caving Weekend

    The plan will be to leave Early Hudson Friday night and head to PA. We will leave the church at 6:30 PM - do not be late!

    This will be a split weekend with different exciting activities for the older and younger scouts. The cost of the camp out is $25 per person. We will head to PA and camp near Laurel Caverns. We will explore and work on scout skills Saturday morning, After lunch, on Saturday, the oldest scouts would head deep underground to explore the bottom of the cave (guided tour). The younger scouts would also head into the cave for a less deep crawl (but still lots of places to get dirty and be underground in the cave) and the younger scouts will get Geology Merit Badge.We will finish the day with a camp fire, snacks, and good stories shared by all!

    Directions, links, info and maps


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    July 1 - July 7, 2018: Summer Camp - Camp Manatoc

    Confirmed week: We will again be camping week three at Camp Manatoc at the Daniel Boone/Kit Carson cabins. Camp Manatoc is one of the top summer camps in the country and it is in our backyard. parents, plan to join us Wed night for potluck supper. Come early to see the camp at retreat and have your son(s) show you the camp and what they have been doing for the week! We are not yet certain of the fee, but we think the fee for summer camp this week will be $275 and is due no later than May 17, 2018. This is an early bird fee - please note - if you decide that you do not want to go to camp after depositing the fee, and if we can not replace you, you will lose 1/2 of your fee (this is not a troop rule, it is a camp rule as they purchase food and supplies in advance). If you do not register early, you can still go, but the fees go up as camp gets closer... AND YES! IF YOU MISS THE EARLY BIRD, YOU CAN STILL SIGN UP IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO!!!!!!!


    1. ALL Scouts MUST have a current physical signed by a doctor within the past 12 months by a doctor to attend camp!!!
    2. Scouts who have medications listed on their health form must bring every medication listed in the original packaging
    3. Please try to arrive at camp between 10-10:30 AM - this will help us to check you in and get the guys unpacked (and eat hotdogs!).

    You must have parts A, B and C completed from the health form and a Dr. MUST sign part C - Click here for the health form - parts A & B & C

    2017 Summer Camp Files (these line items will be replaced for 2018 as soon as we can)


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    Yep, more fun stuff than you can shake a stick at... You should plan to come to as much as you can!!