Frequently Asked Camping Questions

The following are some of the more frequently asked camping questions that are asked of our adult leaders beyond the normal "gear list" type of question. If you do not see your question here, or it is not elsewhere on our site, please ask .

Q: My scout has food allergies - what do we do about this?
A: First, make sure the adults know about his allergies and that your scout reinforces his allergy to his fellow patrol mates (Mr. York is allergic to nuts). Where we can create recipes and menus that take the allergy into consideration, we will. If your son's allergy does not make this a reality, we might ask that you provide suitable food for his camping trip. Every situation is different, please talk to an adult leader if this is your situation.

Q: My scout bought groceries for the campout - how do we get reimbursed?
A: Please make sure thast the receipt is brought to the meeting. Please write your name on the top of the receipt along with the text "CAMPOUT FOOD FOR _______ PATROL". Our troop treasurer will mail (or sometimes hand) you a reimbursement check.

Q: How do the menus get planned for campouts?
A: The scouts do this themselves the meeting prior to the camping event.

Q: Can my scout use his scout account to pay for troop campouts or high adventure trips?
A: That is a great idea! not only can you use the scout account to pay for campout and high adventure fees, you can use the scout account for summer camp, or purchase camping equipment! For campouts, simply tell the scribe that you would like the fee taken from your scout account (yes, it really is that easy...). If you buy a new sleeping bag, bring the reciept in for our Troop Treasurer and he will reimbirse you up to the amount that you have in your scout account!

Q: Do I need my own tent?
A: No, the troop provides tents for camping. When we go to Philmont, we use their tents, and when we go to other High Adventure bases, we will either use troop tents or tents from the high adventure base.

Q: Can I bring my own tent?
A: 98% of the time, we ask that you do not. The exceptions are occasionally at high adventure, and for camp outs where we know we will exceed the tenting capacity of the troop (e.g. White Water Rafting Weekends).

Q: Can I bring electronic devices to camp outs or meetings?
A: For camping, we ask that scouts DO NOT bring any kind of electronics. If they need to call home, and adult will have a cell phone. There is ZERO need for a scout to bring a cell phone on camp outs. We are outside for nature, not to text our friends... For meetings, a cell phone may be brought as long as it does not ring or is not out of the scouts pocket during the meeting. If the cell phone comes out of the pocket during the meeting, it goes into the pocket of Mr. York who will only return it to a parent at the end of the night. We ask that game devices and music devices also be left at home for meetings and camp outs.

Q: My scout might get hungry, can he bring snacks on campouts ?
A: No, we have plenty of food at regular meal times (including snacks). We do not allow snacks inside the tents as they attract animals which is not good for the scout, and worse for the animal (the tent usually does not fare well in this situation either..).. To add emphasis to this situation, if a tent has a food smell and then we take it into the wilderness, the bear that visits the campsite will be much more scary than the skunk or racoon that we may have seen the camp out before...

Q: My scout committed to go on a campout, but now does not want to - do we still have to pay the fee?
A: You betcha... We try to get the campout fee the meeting before, but we understand that sometimes the cash does not make it to the meeting. If your scout say that he is coming, we buy food for him. If he does not show, we have food that is not eaten and the troop can not afford to pay for that. If a scout doess not pay, and says he is coming but does not show, we will deduct that fee from the scout's scout account. For events where we can cancel some of the fees (say winter tubing) and not be peneltaized, we will and that fee (the tubing fee, not the camp out fee) will not be charged to the scout.

Q: How many scouts sleep in the same tent?
A: Well, if they are little guys, sometimes three will sleep in the same tent. The bigger guys often go two to a tent. We do not allow single ocupancy.

Q: Will my scout occupy a tent with scouts, or an adult?
A: The guide to safe scouting states that scouts can only sleep with scouts, or with thier parent or guardian. We follow the Guide to Safe Scouting.

Q: When can my son go to High Adventure?
A: When he is old enough and physically able to complete the training. Each place that we go has differnt requirements. Philmont is 14 or through the eighth grade. Troop trips are more based on what the scout can and can not do. We have taken a 10-1/2 year old out on to the ocean sea kyaking...