Meet the Adult Leaders

Hi - would you like to know a little bit about our leaders and past leaders?  Scroll down or use the quick index below to meet the adult leadership team for Troop 777! 

Scoutmaster - Stephen York

(Assistant Scoutmasters in alphabetical listing)

Assistant Scoutmaster - Mark McConnell

Assistant Scoutmaster - Alan Park

Assistant Scoutmaster - Ron Tishma

Assistant Scoutmaster (in training) - Tim Tremmel

Assistant Scoutmaster - Robert Wells

Assistant Scoutmaster - Michael Wharton

Quartermaster - Donald Morris

"Official" Troop Committee Members
Committee Chairman - Peter Mullen
Treasurer - Eric Draper
Secretary - Steve Semenczuk
Fund Raising - Kevin Riffle
Advancement - Jill Griffiths, Kathleen Marsicano

The list above are the folks that will have the most day-to-day impact on our scouts and we thank them! Without their hard work, the troop would not be as successful as it is!

A note about our Parent Committee: As we have asked each family to have one parent register as an adult so in reality, there are several more "committee members". Parents are asked to help where they can on boards of review, or during troop events. Our parents are great! and we are very thankful that they are as supportive of scouting as they are - without them, the boys would not have the support that they need to enjoy the full effect of scouting!

In addition to the adults listed below, many 777 Eagle Scouts who do not live near Hudson also serve as Assistant Scoutmasters when they are home from college - we will not list them here, but their service is great and their contributions hugely appreciated!

Stephen York, Scoutmaster

Mr. York - our Scoutmaster

Mr. York is an Eagle Scout and a Vigil in the Order of the Arrow.  He is highly active in scouting, currently serving as the GTC High Adventure Chairman. Mr. York loves high adventure and has led trips to Philmont, the Grand Canyon, Isle Royal, Maine, Arcadia National Park, Tinnermann Canoe Base, BSA National Jamboree and Boundary Waters. He was the lead Scoutmaster for the GTC 2010 National Jamboree contingent and contingent advisor for the 2013 National Jamboree.

Mr. York is Woodbadge trained (and is a Woodbadge Trainer) and has staffed many training sessions including Dean of the Boy Scout College of the University of Scouting and Scoutmaster for the National Youth Leadership Training course.  He has been recognized by the MOE District with the District Award of Merit, MOE Spark Plug, and George Eisman Awards; locally by the Great Trail Council as a Silver Beaver Recipient and is a holder of the Scouters Key; and Nationally with the National Scoutmaster Award of Merit and Scout Leader's Training Award.

Mr. York is fond of yelling out "Flat day at Philmont!" on grueling hills, and telling (terrorizing) moms that he will take their sons (and husbands) out to "where they are not at the top of the food chain...".

Fun personal fact: Mr. York got married on 7/7/07. Mr. York and his wife Stephanie held their reception in the historic Manatoc Dining Hall where rumors (and perhaps pictures) of Mr. & Mrs York kissing the moose persist to this day...

Mark McConnell, Assistant Scoutmaster

Image to come... Mr. McConnell is a Troop 777 Eagle Scout and a graduate of Miami of Ohio. Mark has been to Philmont Scout Ranch. He is water safety and National Camp School certified and his last position was the Aquatics Director at Camp Manatoc (where he served several years on camp staff). When he is not working in the schools or scouting, he can be found on the coaching staff for the Hudson Track team.

Alan Park, Assistant Scoutmaster

Mr. Park is an Eagle Scout who grew up in Louisiana. He is very active with the troop and has one son (Garrett) who is an 777 Eagle Scout. We have a hard time finding food that is spicy enough for Mr. Park, but he adds quite a lot of spice to the troop!

Ron Tishma, Assistant Scoutmaster

Mr. Tishma

Mr. Tishma first heard of Troop 777 through his cousin, who was a scout in 777 several years ago. Little did he know that the stories that he heard would come to life as he and his son Ron crossed over into Troop 777 in the spring of 2009. He is an enthusiastic adult leader with a keen sense of humor.

Mr. Tishma is a registered scuba instructor and dive master (he is trying to get Mr. York to dive under the Lake Erie ice...). Mr. Tishma has a real love of the outdoors and camping. He has been seen in the company of the Old Guy's backpacking at Glacier National Park and he co-led the trip to Isle Royale.


Tim Tremmel, Assistant Scoutmaster (in Training)

No picture yet

Mr. Tremmel has committed to becoming an Assistant Scoutmaster for our troop and curretly is attaanding training classes with the council and in-troop training with our current adult leadership team. Troop 777 is very excited to have Mr. Tremmel join the troop leadership as he walks the scouting trail with his son!


Robert Wells, Assistant Scoutmaster


Mr. Wells has completed his tour of duty as Cub Master for Pack 3322 and crossed over to the troop in the spring of 2009 with his youngest son. Mr. Wells son Tyler is a youth leader in the troop.

Mr. Wells is a certified water safety instructor and loves to camp (and do water things). After swimming and lifesaving instructional times, he often draws a lot of fire when the scouts are playing "drown the Scoutmaster".

He recently retired as the President of the Cleveland Boy Scout Council and beyond being very active with 777, he is also very active in many different areas of scouting all around our area.

Michael Wharton, Assistant Scoutmaster


Mr. Wharton is an 777 Eagle Scout and a graduate of KSU. He has been to Philmont, Tinnermann, and Boundary Waters on high adventure trips. He enjoys giving back to the troop he grew up in and sharing leadership skills (and an occasional story of "the old days") with our scouts.

Donald Morris, Quartermaster

Mr. Morris

Mr. Morris crossed over into the troop in the spring of 2009 with his son Stephen and is our Quartermaster. He has completed several of the Scoutmaster and troop training courses. As Quartermaster, Mr. Morris works with the troop youth quartermaster to be sure that all troop gear is accounted for, and very well taken care of. He is fond of cooking, finding weird new hot sauces, and enjoys camping with his son and our scouts.

Fun fact: His father-in-law was the first troop committee chairman for Troop 777...


~ Retirees ~

Old Scouters never really retire, but at some time, they leave "active" service to the troop to explore new trails. Sometimes these legendary figures resurface at scouting events or can be seen someplace around town (or on the trail) and can always be counted upon to provide rock solid guidance or assistance when it is needed. Until we get the history section of the BSA777 web site up and running, we will honor them here.

In Honor - 2nd Lt David Rylander, killed in action in Afghanistan, May 2, 2012

(Listed in alphabetical listing)

Assistant Scoutmaster - Alan Gilbert

Assistant Scoutmaster - Matt Hons
Assistant Scoutmaster - Steve Hughes

Assistant Scoutmaster - Matt Maier

Assistant Scoutmaster - Mike Mihalik

Assistant Scoutmaster - Peter Moore

Assistant Scoutmaster - Andrew Paisley

Scoutmaster - Bill Reid

Assistant Scoutmaster - John Rylander

Assistant Scoutmaster - Mike Slopnick

Assistant Scoutmaster - Clint Smith
Assistant Scoutmaster - Larry Vanderhoff

Quartermaster - Tim Wharton (IG)

David Rylander, Troop 777 Eagle Scout

David was a Troop 777 Eagle Scout with two palms. A 2nd LT. in the Army and a proud graduate of West Point, sadly he was killed in action on May 2, 2012 while leading his platoon in Afghanistan.

David was a keen scout and a very active youth leader for Troop 777. He greatly valued the traits of leadership and worked diligently to lead by example and to share his love of god with his fellow man.

He was an excellent Eagle Scout, a true officer and a gentleman, and an example for all to follow. He is sorely missed. The Camp Manatoc pool patio is named in honor of David.

Alan Gilbert, Assistant Scoutmaster

Mr. Gilbert is the proud father of one of Troop 777's Eagle Scouts, Ben Gilbert.  Mr. Gilbert loves scouting and helping young people achieve their goals.  If Mr. Gilbert is not going on a high adventure trip, he is busy planning (scheming) a trip someplace wild for the Old Guys. He can occasionally be seen mountain biking down the side of an abandoned coal mine or some other seemingly impossible ride...

Matt Hons, Assistant Scoutmaster

Mr. Hons is one of the first Eagle Scouts from Troop 777.  He is now very busy with his career, but very much enjoys giving back to the troop.  He is passionate about fitness and backpacking  and has been seen in the company of the Old Guys in dangerous places...

Steve Hughes, Assistant Scoutmaster

Mr. Hughes enjoys camping and has an 777 Eagle Scout son named Sean.  Mr. Hughes has helped lead a high adventure trip to Isle Royale and now runs with the Old Guys. He enjoys working with young men and teaching them their leadership skills.

Quote? "I think Scouting is a great experience for everyone"

Matt Maier, Assistant Scoutmaster

Image to come... Mr. Maier is a Troop 777 Eagle Scout. Matt has been to Philmont Scout Ranch. When he is not traveling for work, involved with his family, or busy with the troop, he can sometimes be found floating on some kind of water craft in the Portage Lakes.

Mike Mihalik, Assistant Scoutmaster

Mike Mihalik has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA in Management from the University of Akron.  He engineers high speed packaging machinery for the food, pharmaceutical, personal care, and household product industries.


He enjoyed serving as an Assistant Scoutmaster, volunteering at the Humane Society, reading, walking, computers, cars/motorcycles, travel, music, performing arts, and trying/learning new things. His son Skyler is a Troop 777 Eagle Scout!


“The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were.”
John F. Kennedy

Peter Moore, Assistant Scoutmaster

Mr. Moore is an Eagle Scout and the son of a Scoutmaster.  Pete has had four sons in the troop all at one time, and all of his sons are 777 Eagle scouts (Clay, Zach, Owen and Phil)!

Mr. Moore loves Tinnermann and Philmont and can also been seen at an occasional Old Guy Gathering.

Andrew Paisley, Assistant Scoutmaster

Andreww Mr. Paisley is a busy scouter, serving as Assistant Scoutmaster for BSA Troop 777 and as Scoutmaster for Troop 778 in the Akron Area. He has three sons, two of whom are 777 Eagle Scouts (Tom and Ben) and one more son in the troop; John -a 777 youth leader and who is chasing his older brothers down the Eagle trail).

Bill Reid, Scoutmaster

Mr. Reid was Scoutmaster for Hudson Troop 333 and founded Troop 777 in 1993. Mr. Reidís career as a Scoutmaster spanned almost 30 years and during that time, he produced 40 Eagle Scouts. He retired in 2000 handing over the reins to Mr. York.

Mr. Reid was a Vigil honor in the OA and a Scoutmaster of Distinction. He wore his God and Service Award with pride, he was a Silver Beaver, was honored with the George Eisman Award, a district Award of Merit winner, and was also Woodbadge Trained.

Bill is with the Great Scoutmaster now, and I am sure that they have plenty to talk about. It is comforting to know that they will watch over us, and be with us, until we meet again...

John Rylander, Assistant Scoutmaster

Mr. Rylander has served as a Cub Master and is currently one of the 777 Assistant Scoutmasters!  Mr. Rylander has had all three of his sons in the troop at one time.  His three sons are all Troop 777 Eagle Scouts. Mr. Rylander's youngest son is still in the troop and is an active youth leader!

Mike Slopnick, Assistant Scoutmaster

Mr. Slopnick joined the troop with his son Mike and was an Assistant Scoutmaster even after Mike graduated. Mr. Slopnick enjoyed many high adventure trips with the troop and his son including Maine, Philmont, and Isle Royale. Mr. Slopnick is an avid car buff and loves wilderness adventure. He is a founding father of the Old Guys, and is an instigator for more trips where we are NOT at the top of the food chain...

Clint Smith, Assistant Scoutmaster

Mr. Smith joined the troop with his son Eric and was Mr. York's first Assistant Scoutmaster (and the two of them shared many adventures). Mr. Smith is credited with inventing the concept of the Old Guys as a means to stay in shape after helping to organize and lead the troop high adventure trip to Isle Royale. As a result of his job, Mr. Smith no longer lives near the troop, but many Eagle Scouts vividly remember his guidance, humor and leadership.

Larry Vanderhoff, Assistant Scoutmaster

Mr. Vanderhoff was a den leader in pack 3322 and crossed over to Troop 777 with his sons. Baptized by fire in high adventure in Maine, Mr. Vanderhoff enjoyed being an adult leader in the troop and followed his sons when they traveled different trails from scouting. Watch for him in the company of the Old Guys now and then :)

Tim Wharton, Quartermaster

Mr. Wharton, know affectionately as IG (Inspector Gadget) is the proud father of a Troop 777 Eagle Scout.  He has been seen on a Philmont trip and up-north at Tinnerman and currently hangs with the Old Guys.  IG is an avid hiker and gear collector...With his son Michael graduated from the troop and High School, IG handed over the Quartermaster reins over to Don Morris.