Dues and Fees For BSA Troop 777


Troop dues and registration are collected in January of every year. This year, the dues are due by 2/13/2015. Dues have been set at the parent meeting to be as follows:

So, for a family with one scout, we need to collect $140.00. Additional scouts from the same family would be an additional $104 ($140 for the first scout plus $80 dues +$24 BSA registration for the second) which assumes that the family would not get a second copy of Boy's Life and that the family would also only register 1 adult. The subscription to Boy's Life for each family is not a requirement, but the troop receives special recognition for 100% Boy's Life status (1 subscription per scout family) and most scouts seem to like the magazine. We know that times are tight - if a family is having a problem with paying the registration fees and dues, please let know ASAP so we can try to work something out as a troop family.

Registration and dues are pro-rated for scouts who turn 18 during the scout year. Registration is different for Webelos crossing over as they are usually registered first in the pack, and then transfered to the troop (the transfer fee of $1 takes the place of the registration fee).

Families who do not turn in their dues by 2/13/2015 risk not being registered with the troop. We need to complete rechartering on time so please help us in this!

These dues help cover the cost of patches, campout costs not covered by the standard fee, new equipment, equipment maintenance, ceremonies, and occasionally are also used towards special events. Expenses are always voted on during parent meetings.


Standard fees for the troop are for campouts, high adventure, outings, and special events. The fee for a standard campout is $15 for the weekend (set in 2011). Campout fees may be taken out of Scout Account funds or must be paid the meeting PRIOR to the camp out. Scouts who commit to campouts and then can not make it are subject to the fee for that campout (Only Mr. York can waive that fee - if you have a good reason or need, please talk to him).

If the troop is going to do something special while camping, say snow tubing and white water rafting, then there would be an additional charge and we will post what that fee is and when it is due on the activities pages. Family events such as Laser Tag, Kalahari, Ice Skating, Bowling, etc... are always at some fee. Occasionally, the troop will use some of the troop treasury to help defray some potion of the cost (always voted on during parent meetings).

High adventure costs are always budgeted at cost and any excess budgeted monies collected for trip, but not spent for for on the trip is always returned to the scouts. High Adventure trips always have a payment plan that is due prior to the trip actually happening.

Last Revision: 07-28-2014