Info For Parents New to Troop 777

First off - welcome to Troop 777! We are glad you are part of our scouting family. There are most likely many questions that you have regarding the troop so let us try and get you up to speed! Please note that this information is for families that have already joined the troop. If you have not yet joined the troop, please read to learn more about us!

Let's start with the basics - just in case you don't already know, click here to see where and when we meet. Next, if your son is crossing over, we will provide him with a custom-made 777 patch for his uniform, his epaulets and his first Scout Handbook. We will give these items to him at crossover. If your son is already a scout and we can accept him into the troop, then we will set him up with the custom-made 777 patch which is much easier to sew than the three individual sevens... We wear the regulation scout shirt at all meetings and always when we travel. We do not require scout pants or shorts for meetings, but we do ask that the scouts have one pair for summer camp and the Memorial Day Parade (the parade is required attendance for all 777 scouts). Official shorts will also be required when your scout is old enough to attend high adventure and for Eagle Boards of Review

Please check out the dues and fees under the About Us tab to understand what we charge, when and why.

As soon as your son crosses over, please take the time to go over with him the section in the front of his handbook titled,How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide(also found on our website under the parent tab). this is a BSA publication that will help your son and you understand some of the dangers that exist in our world regarding child abuse. Besides being a good thing to go over with your child, this is one of the requirements for his very first rank advancement, Scout! Please also note that soon after your son crosses over, Troop 777 will have a troop meeting designated for youth protection. During that time, we will view and then discuss the award winning, BSA produced video about child abuse titled, A Time To Tell. This video and training are part of the requirements that our troop follows to be a National Quality Unit. If you have questions about the video, or would like to preview it, please talk to Mr. York as the video is always available for loaning.

Your new scout will want to experience the OUTING in Scouting as soon as he can. to that end, there are a few things that he is required to have prior to camping with us:

  1. Leave the matches and snacks at home - we have both. Don't send cell phones, radios or any other electronic devices on campouts or to meetings - these devices are disruptive at meetings and on campouts - we are heading out to nature to hear and see it... If you want your son to bring a cell phone to the meeting, have him turn it off (cell phones are not needed at campouts, scouts can borrow on from an adult). Scouts that violate the electronics policies will find their devices in the hands of a scoutmaster and repossession will require an apology and a song...
  2. A decent sleeping bag. This does not have to be down, but should be a 20 degree bag. New scouts usually do not camp with us in the snow to start with and even Klondike camping can be done with a 20 degree sleeping bag. The 50 degree cub scout bag will NOT do for most BSA camping... if you have questions, touch base with Mr. York, any Assistant Scoutmaster, or the troop adult Quartermaster.
  3. Get a decent sleeping pad. A full length closed-cell foam pad, Thermorest or Thermorest look alike is very important to a camper's comfort.
  4. A plastic mug, a plastic Tupperware bowl, a spoon and a fork. Write the scouts name on these items in black ink. DO NOT WATSE YOUR DOUGH ON THE BSA SCOUT MESSKIT! It is made of aluminum, it will burn his hands, it is a pain to clean,... After you have seen that your son is staying in scouting and loving camping, think about a Lexan plate, bowl and utensils.
  5. Grab a couple of wide-mouth Nalgene style water bottles. If you get a narrow mouth bottles, take them back - they are hard to fill when out in the wilderness (yes, we will be taking your son to where he is not at the top of the food chain and getting water in and out of the bottle quickly is important...)
  6. When you think you want to get him a knife, get him a Swiss Army Climber knife and save it until the first summer camp. Although we do train on Toten'chip sometimes on campouts, Toten'chip is ALWAYS taught at summer camp...
  7. I wish I had some boots... yes, your scout will be in mud, water, snow, goo and anything else that he will wish he had some boots for. Boots keep toes warm and dry. Don't spend a ton of clams on nice hikers as your new scout will quickly outgrown them. He will need nice hiking boots when he goes to high adventure. Until then, dry boots are best, AND REQUIRED for camping...
  8. Don't go and buy a new pack for your new scout. Most likely, he will grow out of it. Use a duffle bag or a gym bag to start with. This will help to keep the stuff that your scout brings to camp outs down to a minimum (you have checked the gear lists on this web site, right?) and is easier to pack for most of the weekend campouts that we do.
  9. Make sure your scout has a waterproof poncho or rain coat. That old golf jacket will NOT do... We can, and do (often) camp in the rain and sleet and goo... Staying dry is the first major hurdle for bad weather camping, which we have more than our fair share of...

We have Parent Meetings ever 2-3 months. Please feel free to come - these are for you. The schedule is on the calendar and we usually plan the parent meetings a couple of months in advance (and then update the calendar...). Want to be a leader or help out in other wasy? We can use you! Please talk to any of our adult leaders for more information!

The troop does its yearly planning in May/June. Scouts vote on activities during the meetings and this activity is well publicized in advance. Shortly after the scouts have voted, the troop adult leaders will build a schedule and present it to the next parents meeting for questions and hopefully for approval.

Please see the advancement tab for information about how your son advances in rank.

Scouts need to be First Class and above to become youth leaders. Don't try and rush your scout - it is the journey that he will remember and you will enjoy - it is not a race!

Boy Scouting is not cub scouts so parents are not required attend campouts for that scout to go camping (or whatever the event is). Dads are always welcome and we love for them to come to any campout. Please check the gear list and make sure we have a current medical form on file for you. You must get your scout to the church on time - we will drop him off at the end of the event.


Last Revision 5-17-2013