What Parents Should Know and Do When it is
Time to Have Their Scout's Eagle Rank Awarded

As your son is completing his Eagle rank, most parents usually start to think about what they and going to need to do to recognize the day that their son is awarded the Eagle Rank. After all, no scout advances to Eagle without the help and support of his parents. In Troop 777, the day that the scout is awarded his Eagle Rank is a big day for everybody and we always recognize the parents as well as the boy! This web page is to help the parents understand what we expect of them and what they also do not need to do (this is in addition to the Eagle Support pages elsewhere on our website). As with anything in Scouting, if you want help for anything listed here, just ask - there will always be many who will help in all aspects of this process.

First, congratulations and thank you for all of the hard work that you, the parents, have done to keep your son in scouting and in his achievement of this rank! Take a minute and think back to all of the great times that you have had in scouting with your son. this is important as not only has this been his journey, but yours as well. Also, during the Eagle Ceremony, you may want to reiterate some of these memories as part of the ceremony, either as a parent's moment, or during the funny stories that always accompany the Eagle Ceremony.

Next, plan to attend some of the Eagle ceremonies that occur in our troop, or even in some other troops. Every Eagle ceremony in Troop 777 is planned by the Scout, but often there is input from the families. In our troop, the scout is given resources and guidance with the Scoutmaster and they work together to plan the ceremony. It is not unreasonable (and is welcomed) for you, the parents, to make suggestions about parts of the ceremony. If you have attended an Eagle Ceremony and liked something, suggest it to your son. It is his decision as to what will be the final format of the ceremony, but the best decisions come with looking at all of the options!

Start to think about who should attend (grandparents, other family, friends, mentors, the scout's girlfriend...). This event is not unlike a wedding and is one of the biggest day's in your son's life. All have played a part in your son's growth and his current place in life. Many non-scouts are honored and delighted to come and celebrate this day with you and your son. your son should have some idea as to who he would like to attend.

Think about when would be a good time to have the ceremony and where you want to have it. Some families time the ceremony to coincide with other family events to maximize attendance and to minimize travel costs. Are the grandparents snowbirds? If so, perhaps waiting until summer is a good idea. There is nothing that says an Eagle ceremony has to happen the moment that a scout passes the Eagle Board of Review.

Where would you like to have this celebration of scouting? We have had ceremonies outside and inside, in parks, churches, and camps. We have had music, singers, bands, dinners, snacks, fires, canoes, and many other options to make the day special to your son and your family. Sometimes, it is what you want to do at the ceremony that will drive where it is going to happen.

It is highly suggested that the moment you know where and when you want to have the ceremony, you make sure the Scoutmaster has it on his and the troop calendar...

Now that you know the where and when, you need to think about the what... We do encourage the families to have some kind of fellowship after the ceremony. This can be snacks and punch, cake and ice cream, or even whole meals. Your call as to what you want to do here.

Now you have all of the parts aligned for your tasks. Again, you can ask anybody to help if you need it.

  1. It is the responsibility of the Eagle Scout to work with Mr. York to author his Eagle Ceremony. If there are going to be special people at the ceremony that need recognition, the scout needs to tell Mr. York. If there are special props for the ceremony (such as canoes or candelabras, the scout needs to work with Mr. York).
  2. Either the parents or the scout must make the physical arrangements for where the ceremony is to take place. It is your family's responsibility to find the venue and make the reservations. Please make sure that the calendar dates are open for all of those that you require attend.
  3. It is the responsibility of the scout and his family to invite family, friends, clergy and all troop members to attend. This can be done vie printed invitations or via e-mail. Past Eagles of the troop have done both. Ask Mr. York for a current roster and please invite all of the 777 scout families to attend. The Scoutmaster will invite all of the local government officials to the ceremony, but if you have somebody special you would like him to invite, please ask!
  4. It is the responsibility of the Eagle scout and his family for the fellowship refreshments that will accompany the Eagle ceremony.
  5. We highly suggest that you consider creating a memory board or display for your son's Eagle Ceremony. Now is the time to locate those Cub Scout pictures and all of the memorabilia that has been collected over the years with regards to scouting (and even some growing-up pictures...). We have had video shows, pictures, and items displayed at Eagle ceremonies.
  6. You may want to have a special Eagle gift for your son and even incorporate that into the ceremony - no problem and what a great idea!

Here are the parts of the ceremony that the troop is responsible for:

  1. We will work with your son to plan his ceremony. If there are special props for the ceremony and those props are within the means of the troop (e.g. using canoes for the ceremony), the troop will make the arraignments to get or make these.
  2. We have your son's Eagle project notebook and a copy of his Eagle Scoutmaster Conference and we will bring both to the Eagle Ceremony.
  3. We will send out invitations to local and national governmental officials for attendance at the event (think in terms of a 6+ week lead time) and ask for letters if the official can not attend.
  4. We will print the agendas for the big day.
  5. We will print the speaking notes for the ceremony for all of the ceremony participants and the parents.
  6. We have your son's Eagle badge, medal, and the Eagle parent and mentor pins. If we need other parent pins (in the cases of dual families), other mentor pins and/or pins for grandparents - we will provide these too. If you have a special gift to be presented, but don;t want your son to know that it is coming - talk to Mr. York.
  7. We will bring the American and troop flags.

Got other questions? Please ask!

Revised 2-16-2009