Frequently Asked Troop Questions

The following are some of the more frequently asked questions about Boy Scout Troop 777 that are probably not covered elsewhere on our website... if you don't find what you are looking for, please e-mail .

Q: How many fund raising opportunities do we as a troop have every year?
A: We only have one troop sponsored fund raising event each year and that is the council popcorn sale.

Q: What is a scout account and how does it get $$$?
A: Well, after we sell popcorn, we tend to split the profits with the scouts. Most of the time, the scouts get the lion's share of the dough. There have been a couple of times in our troop history where a Grandparent has asked to place some money into a scout account for a boy. This is OK too.

Q: What can we do with the scout account?
A: Not only can you use the scout account to pay for campout and high adventure fees, you can use the scout account for summer camp, or purchase camping equipment! For campouts, the scout simply tells the scribe that he would like the fee taken from the boy's scout account (assuming that the scout has $$$ in the account and yes, it really is that easy...). If you buy a new sleeping bag, bring the receipt in for our Troop Treasurer and he will reimburse you up to the amount that you have in your scout account!

Q: How do we get reimbursed from the scout account?
A: Bring the receipt in for your scout equipment purchase our Troop Treasurer and he will reimburse you up to the amount that you have in your scout account!

Q: My scout is transferring to a different troop of dropping out of scouting - what happens to his scout account?
A: If a scout is transferring to a different troop, we will send that troop a check for the scout account as most troops have a similar mechanism. If a scout just drops out, we will work with the scout ands his family for the best resolution of the account..

Q: How do we find out how much is in our scout's scout account?
A: Just drop a line to our Troop Treasurer, Eric Drapper. He will let you know.

Q: I would like to become an Assistant Scoutmaster, what do I need to do to become one?
A: First off, talk to Mr. York. You might also want to hobnob a bit with the other Assistant Scoutmasters to see what they do and get a feel for what you might be doing. For any adult joining the troop (even if you were a Cubmaster), potential Assistant Scoutmasters in Troop 777 are first asked to complete Fast Start, Youth Protection, and Basic Leader Training (indoor and outdoor) and Scoutmaster specific training offered by the district. The Fast Start and Youth Protection training is done on-line from the GTC website. We ask that you then apprentice a short while to be sure that you understand the Scoutmaster conference and how the troop adult leadership works. 777 Eagle Scouts can become Assistant Scoutmasters by talking to Mr. York first, and then completing the on-line Fast Start and Youth Protection training from the GTC website and the apprenticing.